Next Gen

In October 2023 we held our first ‘Insuring the future’ student conference event.    

Our aim was to give the next generation a taste of what life in international insurance is like, through a unique immersive and interactive experience.

When a crisis hits, it falls to the insurance providers to step into action, to minimise the monetary fallout.

The aim of ‘Insuring the Future’ was to give students an in-depth look at a global crisis in action, and how we tackle them.

What’s a global crisis anyway?

Floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, blizzards, cyclones, tsunamis, and wildfires (not to mention pandemics!)🌪️🌊🔥 wreak havoc to life as we know it.

International Insurance providers exist to be that safety net to help people and businesses bounce back from the rubble and ruin with financial stability during times of crisis. 💪💰

The workshop aimed to give students a valuable insight into risk management, global governance, and the resilience needed to overcome these challenges on a grand scale.

We'd like to thank our wonderful sponsors, ARM, Artex Risk SolutionsWTWMarsh, SRS, AonUtmost GroupRobus Group and BWCI Group, for their support and also for their contribution into our companion event booklet; our fantastic guest speaker Deputy Mark Helyar for taking the time out of a busy day at the States to share his story with our students; to our guest judges and facilitators, including Zurich Insurance and Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC), for their hard work and input both behind the scenes and on the day and finally to our students, for their enthusiastic participation.

Watch the video here – and if you would like to join a future event, please email us at [email protected]